What Hydro Dipping Kits work?

Camo Dip Kit


Our Camo Dip Kit Includes:

  • Hydrographic / Water Transfer film. Our Large Kit comes with 1 square meter (20 inches wide by 6.5 feet long) of top quality, hydrographic film – enough material to dip an entire rifle with scope and rings, a car console with accessories, 2- 3 hand guns, you name it!
  • 1 Can of Hydrographic Base Coat Paint – Incredibly durable base coat made specifically for the water transfer process.
  • 1 Can of Matte Finish – DEET and solvent resistant, hard-as-nails clear coat that will stand up to whatever you can dish out!
  • 1 Bottle of Hardener – Used by both the paint and the matte finish. When mixed with the paint and clear coat, this will give you a rock hard finish that no aerosol "rattle can" can ever provide!
  • 1 Can of Film Activator – this "releases" the print from the film and onto your object.
  • 1 Hydraphics Sprayer System – Used to apply your paint, clear coat and film activator. It is the perfect cross between a commercial spray gun and a can of cheap, aerosol spray paint. As easy to use as an aerosol!
  • 2 Pairs of Latex Gloves
  • Instructional DVD – 90 minute video – broken up into over 40 chapters for easy navigation through the entire process! A very detailed walk-through of a complete dip – from disassembly and prep, through the painting, dipping, touch-ups, finishing and reassembly. In the process, we will show you techniques and tips used by professional dippers.
  • 1 Set of Thorough, Written Directions


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